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Project Description
A utility for creating, updating, and synchronizing SQL databases using the .DBML file format used by LINQ to SQL.

This utility is designed to complement Visual Studio 2008's LINQ to SQL relational designer, which creates XML-formated .dbml files. Given a .dbml file as input, DbmlManager allows you to create, manage, synchronize, and deploy SQL Server databases, allowing you to keep your databases synchronized with your database changes during the development process.

DbmlManager can work it one of two modes. It can generate SQL scripts, leaving the target database unmodified. These SQL scripts can be saved into files and later fed into other SQL database tools, such as osql, to actually execute the desired SQL scripts. If the "-modifydb" option is specified when DbmlManager is invoked, then the target database will be updated to bring the database inline with the current .dbml specifications.

Related Projects
The DbmlSchemaGen.cs file (which reads and stores the .DBML file) was generated by XmlGen#, another CodePlex project written by the author of DbmlManager. XmlGen# is available at

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